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It feels as if it was only yesterday we were approaching Christmas and yet here we are already past the autumn Equinox and heading towards the end of daylight savings.

As usual, this time of the year tends to be filled with questions from people wanting to head overseas for holidays in Croatia and Europe, or cruisers who need Cat 1 clearance because they are about to head up to the islands for a winter sojourn.

Assessment marking


You may recall, in the last Waypoint I spoke of one of the changes we have implemented regarding markers for the various courses.  It appears that there is still some confusion regarding this. To briefly recap, the only courses which are delivered and marked by the tutor are:

  • Day Skipper Modular
  • VHF
  • Sea Survival
  • In Water Survival

All other courses are marked by independent markers.  You’ll find that the tutor course pack contains a pre-addressed envelope for sending the completed assessments to the nominated marker.

This is a CBE policy resulting from the last external review.

In Water Survival


CBE have finally received, from NZQA, Consent to Assess to the Unit Standard 29570 v1 – Demonstrate knowledge of and apply basic survival skills for boating (aka In Water Survival).

I will be conducting an induction process for tutors who wish to deliver this course at the next tutor forum in September.  Prerequisites include a minimum of Day Skipper tutor, VHF cert, recent small craft experience (sail, power, kayak etc.) and a good knowledge of the GMDSS.  There is also a wet drill component. It is also recommended that prospective tutors hold an Advanced Sea Survival Certificate.

Tutor Forum 2018


The date for this year’s tutor forum has been set.

Please make a note in your diaries that the 2018 Tutor Forum will be held in Auckland on the weekend of 15th and 16th September.  This forum will include:

  • A separate meeting and revalidation for current Advanced Sea Survival Instructors
  • An induction for prospective In Water Survival tutors
  • A number of requested workshops, subjects TBA

If you have any specific requests or ideas for workshops that you would like to be involved with please email me with details.


Ross Winterburn is assisting me with review of much of the documentation pertinent to our many courses and we have already implemented some changes and corrections.  There are many more yet to be completed.  We will advise you as and when new course material or tutor guidelines become available and they will be put up on the Moodle tutor area for you to download at your leisure.

Our resources need constant updating and our courses adapted to the constantly and rapidly changing maritime sector.

An updated version of The Rules of the Road at Sea is due out before the middle of the year and Safety in Small Craft will be revised later this year. 

The NZ Coastal Skipper and the NZ Ocean Yachtmaster courses are to be discontinued and replaced with the RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster™ Offshore Shorebased and the RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Shorebased courses (see Mike’s column)

Finally …

Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is becoming more of a problem as our vessels are made more warm and comfortable.  There have been several fatalities in the UK and also recently in Tasmania.

This video from Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) is worth viewing.


A quick search reveals that a CO detector can be purchased for as little as $50 from DIY stores – well worth the investment.

We look forward to seeing you at the Forum.

Meanwhile, keep up the good work, and stay safe.

Steve Crockett


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