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Rules of the Road at Sea


210 mm X 150 mm (A5), 52 pages

The Rules of the Road at Sea contains the text of the International Rules for Preventing Collision and a full explanation of their meaning and application. It also includes other nautical material such as a full description of the buoys and beacons used in New Zealand.

Nautical Flashcards


Code: Flashcards.

CBES/Capt. Teach Press. 0.13 kg, 84mm x 58 mm, 84 cards, black and white and full colour illustrations.

This set of 84 individual flash cards covering navigational buoyage and collision prevention rules (NZ and international), feature realistic digital images of buoys, and vessels displaying shapes and lights in a variety of situations. Night time recognition cards feature a unique image of each vessel on the "answer" side of the card, showing the light configuration in twilight to assist with learning. Cards also feature fog signals and radar collision avoidance, and the most important rules often tested in oral examinations, making them the ideal preparation tool for any maritime examination as well as an excellent aid memoir.

Boatmaster Upgrade Pack


Rules of the Road at Sea, Nautical Flashcards & RYA Chartwork Plotter. Please note, this is not required if you are purchasing the Boatmaster Home Study Course.

RYA Chartwork Plotter


Code: HP

Ideal for chart plotting, this plotter is a handy size, perfect for the smaller chart table.

This updated RYA Handy Plotter is produced, by Weems & Plath, in durable, flexible plastic and now includes:

· Chart symbols for DR fix, Estimated Position, GPS Waypoint and Electronic Fix
· An expanded metric ruler
· Revised colour imprinting to improve visibility
· An easier to read scale for Error Correction
· Compass direction noted of the plotting wheel

Safety in Small Craft


185mm x 240mm, 166 pages, colour and monochrome photographs and drawings, and tables.

Not only is this the recognised textbook for the Boatmaster course, it is written for all small boat owners that venture out to sea. It is an indispensable manual covering all aspects of safety and seamanship, with comprehensive chapters on navigation, fire fighting, meteorology, ropework, boat stability and handling, rules of the road, communications, distress messages, and sea survival.
The latest edition is improved in two major ways. Firstly the narrative has been expanded to cover an increased exam syllabus and also much useful boating information beyond the exam needs; thus it becomes a greater asset as a general boating handbook. Secondly there are many new illustrations both as full colour and monochrome drawings and photographs. These add greatly to the appeal and the quality of the explanations.


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