Updated information of VHF Callsigns

Dec 12, 2017

Updated information of VHF Callsigns

7 December 2017

As from 7th December 2017 Coastguard Boating Education has introduced a charge for the change of ‘ownership’ of a VHF callsign. This change of ownership (rights as a call sign holder) is also known as a call sign transfer.

VHF callsigns are ‘held’ by an individual (the callsign holder) and can be taken with you when you change boat ownership – this update to a callsign continues to be free of charge.

Often a boat owner will sell their vessel and let the call sign remain with the boat; this is a transfer of the holder’s rights to a callsign. CBE is unable to confirm this transaction without gaining the permission of the previous callsign rights holder and entering this new information into our database. This often requires many emails or phone calls as we are required to determine that the old holder is prepared to relinquish their callsign.

New callsigns cost ($45) and MMSI numbers are ($10). Callsigns are for life and they are held by an individual callsign holder. There is no annual fee.

Updates to a VHF call sign holder’s details are free of charge (e.g., change of address, buying a new boat).

Change of holder’s rights to a callsign

If you are buying a boat and taking over the existing callsign then a change of callsign holder is

required. If you wish to take over the boat’s existing callsign, and the previous holder agrees, you should fill in the necessary paper work on our website and pay the applicable fee ($45).

Note: MMSI numbers are attached to the Callsign. If an owner sells a boat, they may either remove the electronics equipment (AIS and /or radio) and take them to their new boat or leave them in the old vessel and transfer the holder’s rights to the callsign and MMSI number. CBE can perform this service. This may be cheaper than calling a technician to remove the MMSI number. Please do not leave an MMSI number in your old radio and then install it again on your new boat’s radio. RSM clients with a user name and password can log on to the RRF and transfer a callsign at no charge.

All callsign forms are available online at www.boatingeducation.org.nz

Or call 09 361 4700 for information about gaining a VHF Radio Operator Certificate (online option available) go to the COURSES page on our website.


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