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Sailing Safely: Being Prepared and Weather Wise

Sailing Safely: Being Prepared and Weather Wise

Weather and where to look

8 Apr 2024

For the leisure sailors and weekend warriors of Aotearoa and its picturesque coastal areas, the allure of the sea is undeniable. The promise of tranquil waters and the thrill of navigating the sea beckon many to embark on maritime adventures. However, the beauty of New... > Read more

Navigating the Seas Safely

Navigating the Seas Safely

A Guide to Boating Education

1 Feb 2024

There's nothing quite like a day out on the water, feeling the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. But whether you're new to boating or have years of experience, it's important to prioritise safety first. That's where boating education comes in. At Coastguard Boating... > Read more

If we can’t hear you we can’t rescue you - it’s as simple as that!

If we can’t hear you we can’t rescue you - it’s as simple as that!

Let someone know before you go!

8 Jan 2024

Don't risk your safety on the water - make sure you can be heard when you need help. Research shows that many boating accidents occur because of communication issues and not being able to call for help. Despite efforts to educate boaters, only about half of them carry more... > Read more

A Helping Hand To Pasifika Boaties.

9 Aug 2021

FED Funding Maritime NZ recently announced the recipients of the annual Fuel Excise Duty (FED) funding for safer boating initiatives to help reduce recreational boating fatalities and injuries. More than $740,000 in funding is distributed to 21 on-water and land-based... > Read more

Making the right decisions: The value of knowing what you’re doing.

2 Apr 2021

It’s been said that good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions. Or as Oscar Wilde said “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes”. If you go boating frequently you will realise that things don’t always... > Read more

Essential Boating Communications

10 Nov 2020

If we can't hear you, we can't rescue you - it's as simple as that Research has revealed that 59% of recreational boating fatalities involve inadequate communications. Despite extensive efforts by various bodies around 50% of boaties report having two ways of calling... > Read more

COVID-19 Update

25 Mar 2020

COVID-19 Update With the recent announcement from the government regarding COVID-19, Coastguard Boating Education's office is now closed for the lockdown period. However, we have been able to stay in operation with all our staff working from home.  Many of... > Read more

Boating after Dark

25 Feb 2020

For new, or even experienced boaties, navigating at night can seem like a daunting experience. When the sun sets and darkness creeps in, it can be nerve-wracking not being able to see all your surroundings. But boating at night doesn’t have to be a formidable experience.... > Read more

Navigating safely : Understanding your chart plotter

19 Feb 2020

Navigating Safely: Understanding your chart plotter Chart plotters, mobile phone apps, and open source software programmes are becoming increasingly popular as the primary form of position fixing on many recreational vessels. It’s easy to... > Read more

Updated information of VHF Callsigns

12 Dec 2017

Updated information of VHF Callsigns 7 December 2017 As from 7th December 2017 Coastguard Boating Education has introduced a charge for the change of ‘ownership’ of a VHF callsign. This change of ownership (rights as a call sign holder) is... > Read more


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