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Mel's Update


What a fantastic bunch you are!

The selection of courses in the various regions seems to be working well! We have had a lot more enquiries and enrolments for courses in the regions months in advance and the number of students in areas that have previously struggled for numbers. We have people already booking onto the November Boatmaster in Picton for instance which is great stuff.

With this in mind here is the question I always ask… please may I have dates for the next part of the year so that the website offers courses nationwide and we can offer a continued great service with potential students able to pick a course in an area close to them and see that courses are available in a number of areas. Remember you don’t have to teach weekends if weekends don’t work for you. Feel free to advertise evening classes for instance or if you wish to separate courses into Saturdays, for instance a Day Skipper on 2 Saturdays instead of Saturday and Sunday, if you feel that format would work in your area, let’s give it a go! Different course formats work for different people so what works in someone else's area doesn’t have to be what you do in your area.

What else? if you have a good place to put a poster up let us know! If you have someone you want us to send course information to, let us know. If you have a list of potential students let us know! We are more than happy to contact people for courses you have scheduled.

The Tutor Forum has been scheduled for the 15th and 16th September 2018. We are looking at running a workshop on the Sunday, so if you have some ideas I will be happy to receive them from you. We hope to have more discussion around teaching and different styles, some fun exercises and some new techniques. Again if you have some ideas we would love to hear them as this is, as it was indicated in 2017, a forum for you to discuss the topics you wish to discuss. Please email me with your ideas or contacts from people you think would it would be good to hear from.

Mel Best


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