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Mel's Update


Help! The year is flying by and any minute now it will be Christmas!

According to Mr Google there are 160 days left at the time of writing. But the good news is there is still time before Christmas to hold a few more courses in most areas, so come on folks, get those pre-Christmas course dates to us and we’ll give the website a boost!

Safer Boating week, the week BEFORE Labour Weekend, will mark the start of yet another boating season, and we all know the public tend to think their boat will work perfectly that weekend but we know that just isn’t true. So here’s a challenge to you all. Let’s see if we can educate the public in boating basics and convince our fellow boaties that learning about boating safety isn’t for other people, that educating our mokopuna in how to wear a life jacket and setting solid examples by having the appropriate qualifications and learning isn’t for nerds or goody two shoes.

How can we make more accessible so that people WANT to learn? Who can we hold up as a really good example of someone cool who has a Maritime VHF Radio Operators Certificate, or an Outboard Engine Maintenance cert?

Who have you taught that made you feel it was a great thing to be a Coastguard Boating Education tutor? It would be great to hear what keeps you teaching. The other side of those stories is the encouragement it gives to your fellow tutors and to new prospective tutors, and we need to encourage new tutors.

In some areas we are woefully short on tutors and we need your help in encouraging people you know to take up the baton and become tutors. As we get older, (and I include myself in that!) we need to encourage younger people to consider becoming a CBE tutor in order to continue the good work you all do. We need to encourage younger people to join us so that we can ensure continuity and that regions are getting the coverage they deserve. We also need to ensure that when our assessors retire we have that base covered as well. One of the other things we need to take into account is that life happens, things change, people move on and we need to encourage people to take over from us when that happens. So if you think you may have a major life changing moment coming up please feel free to let us know and suggest someone in order to continue your good work in your area.

As always please feel free to flick an email or give us a shout if you have a brilliant idea and let me know how we can help you.

Have a fabulous Winter, I hope you all stay warm! I have to buy more firewood…

Mel Best


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