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Requirements for all students

On Wednesday 13 April 2022, the government announced all of New Zealand will move into the Orange Traffic light setting from 11.59pm of that day. There is no government vaccination requirement for staff, students, or visitors to go on-site at a tertiary education premises at any traffic light colour. Outside of those sectors covered by Government vaccine mandates, workplaces will need to clearly justify vaccination requirements for health and safety or public health reasons.  

Coastguard Boating Education (CBE) has consulted with a number of parties and conducted its risk analysis. Based on this, CBE has the following direction for tutors and assessors in a classroom-based environment.

New Zealand is in the Orange Traffic Light Setting

General Information for face-to-face classroom delivery:

· No vaccination requirements for CBE tutors, assessors and students 

· My Vaccine Passes (MVP) not required for tutors, assessors and students

· No requirement for QR scanning upon entry to the venue unless otherwise stated by the venue

· Face masks are optional in the classroom for tutors, assessors and students

· No limit on class size although 16 learners is CBE’s maximum class size in general

Feeling Unwell?

· Students not to attend class if unwell (e.g. sneezing, coughing etc). On the off-chance a student becomes unwell during class, tutors should send the student home for the safety of those around them. 

· If tutors are unwell they should not deliver classes. Please contact CBE immediately so alternative arrangements can be made.

· Tutors, students and assessors to follow self-isolation rules as per Government mandates 


· Mask wearing is optional for tutors, students or assessors in the classroom. However, masks should be worn when moving in and out of the classroom (i.e. at break times, bathroom stops etc)

· Please remember to bring your mask to class!


· Please use the hand sanitiser provided by CBE or the venue

· Please wash your hands before and after eating and follow health and safety guidelines

· Students to avoid sharing resources and equipment in the classroom

· The classroom/learning environment and any equipment will be thoroughly cleaned before and after each classroom session.

· CBE will do its best to ensure classrooms are well-ventilated with all desks/equipment cleaned before and after use


· Students should avoid congregating in shared spaces if possible

· Maximum class size of 16 learners for public courses with reasonable distancing (e.g. 0.5m – enough space to spread out with materials etc) between learners

· In the event that some specialised courses (e.g. Bar Crossing, Suddenly in Charge) exceed 16 learners, reasonable distancing between learners will be implemented

Positive Covid Cases

· If you have been identified as a positive Covid Case and have recently attended a CBE classroom programme, please notify us immediately on bookings@boatingeducation.org.nz

General Health and Safety

· Please do not attend your class if you feel sick, have a cold, cough, fever etc. Please contact us in advance so alternative arrangements can be made (bookings@boatingeducation.org.nz).


· Please contact us if you have any questions: bookings@boatingeduation.org.nz or contact Tracye Mossman on 021 026 65 365. 

Please note the above information may change so please check our website regularly.

Green Traffic Light

Further information for regions entering the green traffic light system is coming soon!


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