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Offshore Medic Offshore Medic

To detail the management of medical /trauma emergencies on-board in an offshore marine environment. Meets requirements of YNZ & World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Appendix H. Recognised by RYA.

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 Offshore Medic

Aim: An intense one-day course for blue water sailors where patient care is prolonged as EMS is arranged and the use of appropriate Advanced Life Support equipment. The course is compliant to MNZ requirements for port clearance to overseas destinations.

You will learn the necessary skills to care for a patient over a prolonged period of time, administer medicines, wound care, medical procedures and how to accurately collect and record the patients’ “Baselines” which are conveyed to Marine Emergency Medical Services (MEMS). This training also covers advanced procedures applied under medical supervision.

Duration:  8 Hours.

Qualification: Offshore Medic Certificate.

Valid:  Five years from date of issue.

 Current Coastal Medic Certificate

Price: $185

An advanced course for offshore skippers and crew. Meets requirements of YNZ & World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Appendix H. Recognised by RYA. (Minimum age: 15 years)

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Combined Coastal and Offshore Medic

No Prerequisite.

Duration: 2 days + 4hrs online study before course begins

Qualification: Coastal Medic Certificate and Offshore Medic Certificate.

Valid: Valid for five years from date of issue.

Combined Price: $395.00



Combined Coastal Medic (NZQA) Blended and Offshore Medic 

No Prerequisite.

Duration: 2 days + 4hrs online study before course begins

Qualification: Coastal Medic Certificate and Offshore Medic Certificate. The course is facilitated and assessed to achieve NZQA Comprehensive Workplace First Aid unit standards 6402,6401 and 6400

Valid: Valid for five years from date of issue.

Combined Price: $424.00


Course Options

took the Day Skipper Classroom course and had a fantastic teacher with plenty of knowledge. I went from not knowing a thing to feeling like I will be safe and competent on the water. Great Course
Day Skipper Course

Which course format is right for you?

Online Study

Online Study: We have 3 online courses; Beginning Boating, Day Skipper and Maritime VHF. These courses are designed to be studied online and have great content and illustrations, are interactive and easy to navigate.
Home Study: This is a paper based distance learning option which we mail out to you for you to complete at home. This is currently not online. Both options allow you to study at your own pace giving the flexibility to schedule learning around busy lifestyles and commitments. You can also complete the course in blocks and can come back to it on a weekly basis until it is completed.

Classroom Study

Classroom courses offer the student the ability to study intensely over a finite period of time (usually a weekend) to complete a boating course. It is a chance to meet up with other like-minded boaties and learn from their experiences. Having an educated teacher with years of boating knowledge enables the student to be taught face-to-face and ask any questions that may come up.

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