Coastguard Boating Education is making a Splash in Local Pools

Coastguard Boating Education is making a Splash in Local Pools


Coastguard Boating Education has dived into promoting their Safe Boating Programme by endorsing existing swim programmes who meet the specified criteria for delivery, running at both private and public pools, clubs, schools and organisations.

Targeting primary and intermediate aged children, the programmes practical component is currently being delivered at a range of swimming pools in Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch with a goal of making waves throughout the country.

The practical session includes deep water boat drills, lifejacket buoyancy plus survival positions should the student ever find themselves in difficulty. Poolside lessons involve the student learning about skipper responsibility, how to perform a safety briefing for the crew and the importance of communication equipment such as a Marine VHF Radio and types of distress signals. Students are awarded a certificate upon completion of the programme. 

Sue West, Marketing Manager for Coastguard Boating Education said “we are delighted to partner with the pools to endorse their programme and welcome expressions of interest from other parties keen to promote the Safe Boating Programme within their community.” 

Contact Sue West on 0800 40 80 90 or

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