Safety first out on the water

Safety first out on the water


Coastguard Boating Education's General Manager Neil Murray

Many Kiwi boaties are no doubt hoping to take their crafts out on the water for the first long weekend of spring.

The weather's not looking great but that won't stop everyone, and water safety authorities are warning people to take extra care before they head out, and while they're on the water.

The last three months have been busy for the coastguard - 433 rescues already, compared to 409 for the same period last year.

Coastguard’s general manager of safe boating education Neil Murray says it’s imperative that everyone out on the water knows what they are doing and has done a boating course.

“There are five key things that every boatie should do to ensure that they keep safe out on the water. They are take and wear your life jackets, communications - having a couple of forms of communications and making sure they’re operable in the water should the worst happen - getting a weather forecast and avoiding getting caught out in bad weather, avoiding alcohol, and skipper responsibility.”

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