About Us

Welcome to Coastguard Boating Education, the leading provider of recreational boating education in New Zealand!

Whether it is messing about in boats, a spot of fishing or competing at the great regattas of the world, New Zealanders appreciate life on the water. Most of us are also aware of the respect we must have for this formidable force of nature, and appreciate how much more there is to learn. Did you realise that New Zealand has the fifth largest coastline of any country in the world?

While Coastguard New Zealand's search and rescue services are there to help boaties in trouble, the not-for-profit education arm, Coastguard Boating Education (CBE), also works hard to prevent boaties from getting into trouble in the first place.

CBE has long recognised that education is more effective than regulation in developing more responsible attitudes and behaviour among boat users. Put simply, the more people know, the better and safer their boating experience.

To improve safety and enjoyment on the water, CBE offers a number of easily accessible and inexpensive recreational boating courses, ranging from basic boating education to internationally recognised yachtmaster qualifications.

CBE is NZQA accredited as a Private Training Establishment and has over 400 accredited tutors who deliver courses throughout the country at coastguard units, polytechnics, maritime schools, community colleges, schools, boat clubs and other delivery sites. CBE also offers a range of practical on-water courses and home study options.

When it comes to boating, there is always more to learn. Contact Coastguard Boating Education today, to find a course that is right for you.

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