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What a Summer!


Who would have thought that summer could be so awful! Or was it just a non-event. Francesca Greenslade, as most of you know, has moved on, she is studying full time for her degree this year so we wish her well in that. Tracy Peers joined us at the beginning of March. Tracy will work Monday through Thursday, for those of you who have spoken to her thank you for making her welcome!

Here's a little bit about Tracy: TCe

We have had some great courses this season.

We still seem to be struggling in the regions though and while we have people enrolled for courses a lot of them don’t have enough students to make them viable. I know you all hate cancelling courses as much as I do, so how can we change this? How can we get the word out to the Hawkes Bay area to enrol more than 2 people onto a course? The same goes for Taranaki, Whanganui, Palmerston North and Northland to certain degree.

There are people who want to be educated, however the word just isn’t getting out to enough people in the regions! We have advertising budget so if you have ideas please let me know if I can advertise for you and where that advertising is best spent in your region.

We are also on the hunt for new tutors especially in the Eastern Region – Tauranga particularly, but also Nelson and other regions – so if you know of someone who you think might be interested and keen to teach boating courses let us know.

Thanks to you all for your hard work over the last year - yes, I have been here over 12 months! I have appreciated your support.



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