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Unit Standards

Coastguard Boating Education offers a number a number of courses assessed using NZQA unit standards. Courses which offer unit standards are listed below.

To apply for a unit standard, please click the download link below, fill in the form and return to info@boatingeducation.org.nz

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Day Skipper

15 Hours, 6 x level 2 credits
- Unit Standard 26542

Gain essential boating knowledge and safety. An Interactive course that aims to teach some of the essentials in boating. Covers boat handling, tides, weather, navigation, emergencies, rules & regulations, safety equipment, & knots. Applies to a wide range of vessels including yachts, launches, powerboats, PWCs, sea kayaks, and waka.
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Maritime VHF Radio Operator Certificate

6 Hours, 3 x level 3 credits
- Unit Standard 19491

The minimum requirement for users of Maritime VHF Radio. Covers routine operation, safety, distress & urgency calling, trip reports, & weather.
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Maritime Restricted Radio Operator Certificate

8 Hours, 5 x level 3 credits
- Unit Standard 19492

The minimum requirement for commercial operators and users of MF/HF (SSB) radio. Covers routine operation, safety, distress & urgency calling, trip reports & weather.
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30 Hours, 16 x level 3 credits
- Unit Standard 26541

A comprehensive course for boaties with some existing knowledge and experience. Applies to a wide range of vessels including yachts, launches and powerboats. Covers equipment, emergencies, navigation, boat handling, rules & regulations & ropes.
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In-water Survival

- Unit Standard 29570

This course is intended to promote safety amongst recreational boaties. The course focuses on safety equipment which should be carried on any vessel. The purpose is to understand the potential risks aboard a small vessel, the best safety equipment to carry, how it functions, and how to properly use it. This course includes a practical, in-water component.

Advanced Sea Survival

16 Hours, 10 x level 3 credits
- Unit Standard 12309

A course run over 2 days (16 Hours) for those who wish to gain a detailed knowledge and practical competence in sea survival techniques and equipment. Covers emergency procedures, distress signals, use of safety equipment and search and rescue procedure.
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Marine Medic

Hours: (In Info) Level 2
- Unit Standards: 26551; 26552

This course covers essential lifesaving and trauma management skills in a marine environment. It is recognised by MNZ and RYA for commercial qualifications and meets the requirements for “workplace first-aid.” Marine Medic encompasses both Coastal Medic (Unit Standard 26551, 1 x Level 2 Credit) and Offshore Medic (Unit Standard 26552, 1 x Level 2 Credit) qualifications.
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More Info - Offshore Medic

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